3D Human Tissues for Medical Research & Therapeutics

At Organovo, we believe that engineered tissues will someday be a routine source of therapy for patients with damaged or diseased tissue. Today, we are working, both internally and with select partners, to fulfill our vision of building human tissues for surgical therapy and transplantation. The flexibility of our tissue engineering technology, and its proven application across a wide variety of cells allows us to target many different tissues. The cell source can be either allogeneic or autologous (using the patient’s own cells), which could allow us to avoid transplant rejection and the need for life-long immunosuppressant drugs.

Organovo is working to fulfill the vision of building human tissues for advanced surgical therapy and transplantation.

Significant science and discovery are required to develop a tissue therapy, ensure safety and efficacy through controlled clinical trials, and gain regulatory clearance. Supplemental tissue therapies that could come in forms of tubes, patches, or organoids are a developmental possibility today. Larger replacement tissues remain a future goal; however, the insight gained through the development of supplemental tissue therapies can serve as key guideposts for the ultimate development of functional organ replacements. The promise for tissue therapies that cure disease, with reduced risk of immune rejection, made on demand from cellular building blocks rather than waiting for a limited supply of donor tissues, is a vision we are passionate in pursuing.