We are pioneering a unique set of therapeutic and drug profiling capabilities based on our revolutionary ability to 3D bioprint tissues that mimic key aspects of human biology and disease. We are striving to change the face of medicine through clinical development of regenerative medicine therapies for treating disease and by enabling translational drug discovery.

Therapeutic Tissues

We are developing our liver tissue (NovoTissues®) to treat a range of rare, life-threatening diseases including end-stage liver disease and a select group of inborn errors of metabolism (IEMs). We hope to serve as a ‘bridge-to-transplant’ for these patients with limited treatment options by restoring function, or offsetting the deficiencies related to a specific condition. Our ultimate goal is to delay or reduce the overall need for an organ transplant.

Drug Profiling Capabilities

We are harnessing our foundational ability to characterize specialized human cells and to 3D bioprint functional tissues to create novel in vitro toxicology and liver disease modeling platforms.