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Use of bioprinted 3D human tissues for the assessment of drug toxicity

Sharon Presnell, Chief Scientific Officer, Organovo


Publication Summary:

Human tissue biology is strongly influenced by the unique interplay and extensive cross talk that exists between different resident cell populations. These cell types are most often spatially arranged in a specific architecture which defines their biological function and mechanistic response to drug treatment over time. Three-dimensional bioprinted tissues that model this cellular complexity and form offer major advantages over conventional in vitro systems with respect to predictive modeling. Our tissues incorporate key architectural features and primary cell types and can be maintained in culture on a timescale of several days to weeks. We can apply our technology to design various tissues, including liver, kidney, skin, and oncology models. Here, we present specific case studies using ExViveâ„¢ Human Liver Tissue to assess drug toxicity via various modalities including acute to chronic dosing, metabolite-driven toxicity, and fibrosis induced liver injury.

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