Organovo Webinar Series 5

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Organovo Webinar Series 5

3D Bioprinted Therapeutic Liver Tissue

Presented live on September 20, 2017
Panelists: Ben Shepherd, Ph.D., Director, Therapeutics, Organovo
Moderator: Tom Murphy, Ph.D., Director, Scientific Applications, Organovo

The critical shortage of donor organs creates an urgent need for novel treatments for patients with inborn errors of metabolism and end stage liver failure. Conventional cell therapy and tissue engineering approaches for treating liver diseases and injury are limited by low cell retention, poor engraftment, poor graft durability, and complications including portal hypertension. Integration of next generation technologies such as 3D bioprinting is an essential step towards the clinical success of these promising approaches and has the potential for broad applicability ranging from treatment of inborn errors of metabolism to acute on chronic liver failure. Using the NovoGen Bioprinter® Platform, we have designed an implantable 3D bioprinted human liver tissue containing primary hepatocytes, liver endothelial cells, hepatic stellate cells, and HUVECs. Here we show data supporting functionality and engraftment of our implantable human liver patch in small animal disease models for up to 90 days.