3D Human Liver Tissue Testing Services

Organovo offers contract testing services utilizing ExVive™ 3D Bioprinted Human Liver Tissues. The tissues can be used in the evaluation of drug exposure for both acute (ex. 3-5 day) and chronic toxicity and metabolism studies. ExVive™ Human Liver Tissues remain fully functional and stable for greater than 28 days. Studies are comprised of both analytical and histological endpoints such as:

  • Standard predictive toxicology endpoints (i.e., LDH, ATP, and Albumin)
  • Gene/protein expression profiling
  • Histological tissue assessment

Let us know how we can address toxicology testing needs for your preclinical drug discovery and development programs using our 3D human liver tissues.

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Disruption of cell adhesion

Figure 1: Analogous to human tissue biopsies, different patterns of damage can be detected histologically in ExVive™ 3D Bioprinted Liver Tissue using various treatments (H&E).

ATP _LDH Response to Toxin
Figure 2: Hepatotoxic compound X and cytotoxin 20% DMSO show reproducible effects on ATP and LDH levels across hepatocyte donors in ExVive™ Human Liver Tissue.

Example Study Workflow

Consult with our scientists to design your 3D tissue studies for maximal impact