Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships

We work with strategic partners to continuously improve our 3D bioprinting platform and to develop novel bioprinted human tissues for therapeutic and in vitro testing applications. We seek new partners who share our passion for developing tissue therapeutics and in vitro tissue models to study disease processes and drug safety.

Development of New Tissues and Applications

Our scientists and engineers have developed proof-of-concept 3D bioprinted models for several tissue types including liver, kidney, intestinal (in partnership with Merck) and skin (in partnership with L’Oréal).

We seek partners who wish to leverage our expertise in tissue design and bioprinting for the development of novel tissues as well as new applications for existing tissues.


Image: Architecture of 3D bioprinted human intestinal tissue stained for epithelial (CK19+) and mucin-expressing goblet cells.

Technology Licensing

Organovo owns or exclusively licenses over 100 patents and pending applications worldwide relating to specific tissue constructs, 3D bioprinting technology and its various applications in tissue creation and drug discovery and development. We offer licensing opportunities to entities that want to leverage our 3D bioprinting technology to develop novel tissues and applications, to improve the translatability of biomedical research, and to develop tissue-based therapeutics.

Printer Placement Collaborations

We believe that the use of our bioprinting platform by major academic and research institutions will help to advance the capabilities of our technology and generate new applications for bioprinted tissues. We place printers with key partners who have expertise in the development of various tissue types and seek to expand the potential of 3D bioprinting.