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Bioprinting creates living human tissues that replicate in vivo biology

We capture the unique synergistic potential of engineering and biology to create living human tissues that mimic the form and function of native tissues in the body.

Bioprinted tissues replicate the architecture of native tissue, including cellular density, the presence of multiple cell types, and the development of key functional and architectural features. More bioprinting process


Replicating native form and function for greater predictive capabilities

Bioprinting produces thick tissues of 20 or more cell layers, comprised of multiple cell types in a user-defined architecture which produces highly organized cellular features, such as intercellular tight junctions and microvascular networks.

These fully cellular tissues are comprised of only cells and the proteins those cells produce, without dependence on biomaterials or scaffold for three-dimensionality. Tissues creation is automated and reproducible, with tight control of both the composition of the tissue and the geometry. More bioprinting advantages


Autodesk partnership on 3D design interface

The world leader in 3D design joins with Organovo to develop a user-friendly interface and new functionality for 3D bioprinting.



The foundation of scaffold-free bioprinting that was laid by our scientific founder, Professor Gabor Forgacs at the University of Missouri. More bioprinting origins


Dynamic tissues that self-organize and exhibit natural metabolic functioning in vitro

Just like the complex, multi-cellular tissues found within a living person, 3D bioprinted living human tissues are highly dynamic. New cells are created through cell division; they mature and integrate into the tissue, forming connections with surrounding cells and contributing functionality throughout their lifespan.

Bioprinting enables construction of tissues layer by layer, ensuring that each layer contains the relevant cell type(s) and has dimensions that approximate those of native tissue. When multiple cell types are present and organized properly, tissue-specific functions are often enhanced. More Living Human Tissue