Technology Access Partnerships

At Organovo, we believe our 3D tissue technology has broad potential applications, and we acknowledge that outside research institutions can apply their unique expertise to our technology in innovative ways that go beyond our respective individual capabilities. When there is a compelling relationship with a partner who has specific tissue and/or disease expertise and an interest in creating 3D tissues in that area, we form a technology partnership in which we provide access to our NovoGen Bioprinter™ platform as part of a joint research effort. These partnerships are designed to be highly collaborative, with a deep exchange of expertise on both sides.

We are currently partnering with a leading academic medical center that is focused on a single therapeutic area. They brought best-in-class expertise in this therapeutic area, as well as interest in close collaboration with our organization. A joint project steering committee was established, composed of scientists and business leaders from both organizations, which began with strategic discussions of disease focus and joint selection of the project. The exchange of expertise goes two ways: we extend our knowledge about a particular disease, and our technology access partner is learning about 3D tissue approaches to disease modeling and therapeutics.

If you have a potential project you’d like to discuss, please get in touch.